SmartSpot Quality offers an EQA program for Genotype MTBDRplus & MTBDRsl.

For MTBDRplus, each panel includes 4 DCS consisting of a variety of strains of MTB Rifampicin sensitive, MTB Rifampicin resistant, MTB isoniazid resistant and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria material all of which is inactivated, quantified and intact. In addition, 5 high resolution images of hybridized strips are provided (each with a clinical case history) to further assess the laboratory interpretation of the Assay.

For MTBDRsl, each panel includes 5 high resolution images of hybridized strips for interpretation. We are in the process of developing second line resistance strains for the MTBDRsl Assay and once complete, we will include a DCS component to the MTBDRsl EQA program.

The results for both MTBDRplus and MTBDRsl are reported on our Online Result Reporting Tool, LPAMonitor that automatically generates a report for each successful submission.

The standard submission deadlines are:

  • Panel 1: 31 May
  • Panel 2: 31 July
  • Panel 3: 31 October

Note: For new enrolments, depending on need it is possible to accommodate different submission deadlines.


Perform the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) extraction as per your laboratory protocol treating the DCS as a culture specimen


Label each strip to match the number of the DCS

Perform MTBDRplus VER 2.0 LPA as per manufacturers instructions

After testing, report the results obtained from each of the LPA strips