SmartSpot Quality offers an EQA program for GeneXpert MTB/RIF & MTB/RIF Ultra, consisting of 3 Panels per year. One panel comprising four single DCS cards of a known concentration of whole inactivated* Mycobacterium Tuberculosis or non-tuberculosis mycobacteria all of which is inactivated, quantified and intact. These specimens are tested by each site enrolled and the results submitted to our Online Result Reporting Tool TBGxMonitor, that automatically generates a report for each successful submission.

The Submission deadlines are:

  • Panel 1: 30 April
  • Panel 2: 31 August
  • Panel 3: 30 November

Note: For new enrolments, depending on need it is possible to accommodate different submission deadlines.


Push the perforated DCS to be tested into the barcode labelled tube

Add all the DCS solution from the tube into the Xpert cartridge

Scan the DCS barcode as the SamplID

Insert the Xpert cartridge into the GeneXpert instrument for testing